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Player: JeniOctavia | [Bad username or unknown identity: ”jenioctavia”]

Character Name, Canon, and Journal: Reiko Edwards (nee Hiyama) | Ardent Sin | [Bad username or unknown identity: ”surroundedbylolos”]

Original Application: Here

New History:

Note: Ardent Sin follows an alternate history where the German Empire succeeded in winning WWI (which will be referred to by the contemporary term: the Great War). Some historical figures and facts are still present, however this telling of history is largely fictional.

After the air raid on June 13th, 1917, Reiko woke with a group of survivors of the bombing clear across the other end of the city with Allen at her side. Due to the sheer number of people injured in the raid, they had been taken to a make-shift hospital much further away from the scene than where Mitch had gone. Because of that, it took them another four days just for Mitch to find them, resulting in both sides thinking the other might have perished in the bombing. Thankfully they were reunited and returned to Mitch and Allen’s grandparent’s place in Knightsbridge where they got their belongings together and left for Edinburgh shortly after.

In Edinburgh they housed with a friend of Mitch and Allen’s father. It wasn’t an ideal situation, especially with Rei forced in to getting a waitressing job to help supplement Mitch’s income from working at the University library, but it was meant to hold them over until they could return to searching for Raito. But the situation in Europe was getting worse by the day, with the German Empire steadily advancing in to the United Kingdom. Mitch wanted to go back and help the English forces attempting to fight them back, but Rei urged him not to, especially with Allen enrolled in university finally. They couldn’t uproot yet again just to risk their lives for a battle that was beginning to look more and more like a losing one.

The situation went from bad to worse, with Prince Wilhelm taking the throne and the the German Empire using stolen Atlantian secrets to win and end the war at last. Most of Europe wound up under the rule of the German Empire, a terrible fate indeed, but even worse was that they began to round up magic users and former Entente soldiers. Allen forged new documents for the three of them, faking them as German citizens in order to keep themselves from scrutiny should they ever need to leave in a hurry.

In spite of the occupation, Rei and Mitch returned to London to continue their search for Raito, though Allen remained in Edinburgh, eventually transferring to Oxford University to complete his degree in Linguistics. Their searches turned up very little, and Rei was slowly losing any hope of finding her brother. While searching, Mitch was informed that there were rebel groups beginning to crop up around Europe with hopes of overthrowing the empire, and he was eventually approached by MI14.He turned them down, preferring to not be tied to any one group, though Rei noticed he was keeping his ear to the ground anyway regarding the potential revolution. They kept on their search, though, and Mitch mentioned via information he’d gotten from the Secours de ce Monde that some British patients had been taken to France and then later Spain.

They followed these rumors to Paris, connecting with some of their contacts that finally, after nearly ten years of searching led them to Raito. He had been living with his primary care nurse, Marie Stauffan since the end of the war. Unfortunately they came to find that the the reason he hadn’t been able to contact Rei was because he didn’t remember her. He had suffered head trauma during an air raid while in London, and his early memories had all but been lost. He didn’t remember her, their parents, or anything about living in Hawaii.

But he had kept the letters she had sent him, and while he had no memory of a sister he knew that he had one. Marie had often read the letters to him, and though it did nothing to cure his amnesia he had spent years wanting to meet the person that considered him family. Because of this he still wanted to have a relationship with her, and with that they decided to stay in Pairs. Mitch joined the Secours after all after learning that Raito had actually been involved with them almost as long as he had been in Paris. Using Raito’s contacts he managed to get a job as a clerk in the German Empire’s government offices in Paris, while Rei found an auto repair shop to apprentice at and Allen wound up in the government’s cryptology department. Finally settled down, Mitch took Rei to the Eiffel Tower and proposed, to which she said yes.

They were married a year later in Paris, an event that Mitch’s father didn’t attend. It was upsetting, but Rei urged him to simply write his father out of his life at that point since it wasn’t worth making trouble over anymore. With both Atlantis and the Secours as well as other factions stepping up their efforts against the empire, there was concern that Paris might start to become a battlefield, but they were reluctant to move yet again.

Rei eventually got pregnant, though her first one was unfortunately unplanned and ended in a miscarriage two months later. She realized after that she truly did want a family, prompting her and Mitch to try again. She managed to get pregnant once more, and on December 1st, 1928 she gave birth to their first child, Monako Lise Edwards. With his family growing and a child to care for, Mitch tried to pull out of the Secours, but he was unable to back out of his undercover job thanks to having worked his way up to being a secretary under Generalmajor Elliot Wasser, the officer in charge of most of the empire's movements within Paris. He stayed, but continued to look for a way to get his family out of harm’s way.

With all the rebel activity, Wilhelm began to alienate Italy, resulting in them pulling their support from German occupied Europe. This coupled with the fact that the Secours had helped a group of MI14 agents sneak in to Europe earlier in the year proved that even without a central controlling force, the rebels were starting to make an impact. The German Empire responded in kind, however, seeking out disloyal people within their borders, segregating minorities from the general population, and even working on a potential nuclear weapon that could be ready within two years of that.

By June of 1930, Europe was in a state of unrest, Italy pulling all of it’s support from German occupied Europe and the rebel groups organizing a secret conference in the Middle East to discuss a potential strategy. Another conference in December of 1930 had rebel leaders asking for help from a coalition force, and the talks develop a force of Russia, Western and French Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Japan, Italy, the US, Atlantis and various independent groups from across Europe. In mid 1931 the forces signed treaties, and that following September the overseas forces began to converge in Italy. Tensions were building, prompting Mitch to begin looking for other work, though he was still coaxed in to staying at his position in the government offices due to how valuable he was.

The first attacks from the Allied Coalition started in 1932, but by that point Wasser had been called back to Germany and informed of what Mitch’s true alliances were. Within a year of it happening though, Rei was pregnant with their second child, and with complications from it already arising they weren’t able to leave Paris. They stayed, getting help from the Secours to keep them safe for the time being. On July 17th, 1934 Alecsander Ryuunosuke Edwards was born. A month later, Kaiser Wilhelm III was captured and executed, putting an end to most of the German Empire.

Mitch was still worried about his family, though. With Wasser still likely on the loose, Mitch decided it would be best to finally move out of Paris, and sent Rei, Mona and Alec to Cairo in October of 1934. Allen joined them some time later, but Mitch eventually returned to France to help the Secours tie up some loose ends regarding the war. Living in Cairo without her husband and two small children was difficult for Rei, even with Allen there. She didn’t know the language well enough to get by on her own, and Alec growing up without his father around became a problem later on down the road when Mitch finally did come back.

Eventually, though, they were all able to return to London once some of the worst of the remaining skirmishes had died down. With Mitch and Allen’s grandmother now passed, the family estate went to them, giving them a home in Knightsbridge. With Mitch writing fiction stories based on his experiences while working at the London Library and Rei finally able to open up her own mechanics shop where she apprenticed young women, things were finally starting to look halfway normal for the Edwards. Well, as normal as things could be anyway. Shortly after Raito came to live with them, he revealed that both their children had inherited the ability for magic - a trait dormant in Rei but active in Raito, and one that had long since been buried on Mitch’s side of the family - but as he had been trained during his time in Europe he agreed to train both children. First Mona, then Alec when he was old enough.

In 1940, the quiet that had settled on them broke once again when Generalmajor Wasser and a team of other ex-German military officers broke in to their home with every intent of getting revenge on Mitch and his family for his supposed betrayal so many years previous. He went after their children first, threatening Mona and Alec with guns and fire. Raito was able to hold them off until the police came, but the skirmish that followed resulted in Mona nearly getting burned. Both children sustained mental trauma because of it, with Alec gaining a fear of guns and blood and Mona a fear of fire, though despite that they made out relatively unscathed. Wasser was dispatched by the police in the end, and though it had been a truly frightening experience for everyone involved, they didn’t let it scare them away from continuing to live in Knightsbridge for the time being. Mitch did take a short leave not long after to do talks around London regarding his recently published novels, but he decided not to go far so soon after his family had been attacked.

Soon after Alec started school, and Mitch took to working at the Library only during the weekends so Rei could continue her business while he spent the weekdays with his children. Their lives were unconventional, and it started plenty of rumors around the neighborhood, but none of them gave it much more than a passing thought. It wasn’t worth it, really, when they were happy with how things were.

From then on things were generally alright for the Edwards. Moan eventually graduated and went on to University, while Alec caused plenty of problems for them as he grew older. Rebellion seemed to be his thing more than his sister’s (even though both were terribly stubborn) and he even wound up expelled from secondary school. He had, apparently, been sneaking in to another boy’s dorm room when he’d been caught. It was a bit of a complicated situation all around, but after Allen agreed to talk to Alec about it they eventually got him a transfer to Eton where he would board. They were worried aat first, but Alec seemed to settle in well and stopped getting in to so much trouble.

It left the house much quieter than it had been in the past few years, but Rei couldn’t find any reason to really complain about it. They did decide, though, that it was a good point to start traveling on their own terms, seeing the world without worries of having to be on the run. It was not where she had imagined herself to be by the time she was in her fifties, but she had a great life and for all their hardships she wouldn’t have traded anything for it to be different.

New Abilities:
Rei’s mechanical skills have only improved during her time at home, and returning will re-add the knowledge of modern vehicles, making her versatile in just about anything made from 1900 on. She also got gun training from Allen and Mitchell. She’s a decent shot with small fire arms, but gets sloppy with anything bigger than a .22 .

Personality Changes?:

As Rei grew older, eventually coming to have a family and children, she began to grow out of some of her more immature tenancies. Though her love of mechanics has only grown, she finally left behind her tomboyish nature, seeming to trade it for a more gentle, caring and motherly one instead. She even let her hair grow out, and while she’ll probably never really like dressing up, she’s not as adverse to it as she used to be. She’s become a great deal calmer and more patient, willing to listen and discard her normal stubbornness if the situation calls for it, though as a mother and an employer she still won’t take nonsense from anyone. The end result may not be wrenches being thrown anymore, but she’ll most certainly let you know when you’ve crossed a line with her.

She’s also left behind a lot of her previous grudges and trust issues. She’s actually willing to make friends easier, for one, and she’s less likely to jump to the conclusion that people are judging her based on race or gender. It does still happen in her world, quite a bit in fact, but it’s something she’s learned to take in stride along with a lot of other issues she’s had in the past.

Family has become the most important thing to Reiko. Not just because she is married and has children of her own now, but also because she finally found her brother after so many years of searching for him. She wants to keep them close and safe, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.
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Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- JeniOctavia

Email address-

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- JeniOctavia

Character, series- Reiko "Rei" Hiyama, Ardent Sin Side Story

Character journal- steamgoboom

Character type- Main of the Side Story, relatively unknown in the main series.

Digimon partner- Hagurumon -> Trailmon Worm -> Locomon -> Grand Locomon

D-Comm colours/symbol- Black/Grey with a wrench over a gear

Imported from another RP?- Ardent Sin Side Story (writing project)

History ect )
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[The feed comes on to focus on Rei, sitting upright in a bed in a nightgown, the blankets pulled up to her waist. It can't really be seen, but she's already got a little bit of a belly going. Anyone who saw her when she went in to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, or even before that when she was feeling so ill, will notice that she looks much better than she has been.

But... she doesn't exactly look happy. Not nearly as mad as she was when she first found out (that resulted in a lot of screaming and threatening to murder Mitch if she ever got her hands on him - she's clearly calmer now) but definitely not the the picture of a glowing expectant mother that one might imagine she should be.

She sighs just before beginning to speak.]

I'm sure it hasn't escaped people's attention that I haven't been around... I went in to the hospital after being sick for almost a month and received a... surprise.

[she glances away, and the next words are muttered, but just loud enough for the mic on her comm to pick them up]

I'm pregnant. I'm nearing three months. Since I didn't know... I wasn't taking care of myself and...

[her words trail off, hand coming to rest on her stomach. The doctors said it to her several times, but she still finds it hard to believe that she nearly killed herself by negligence alone.]

A-anyway... I'm pretty much stuck in this damn bed until next month. Even then I can't exactly work, so... Paulo, Douglas, Rock... you're running the garage without me. I can still come by and supervise once I'm able to get up again, but the work is all on your hands. I'm going to keep a look out for potential workers, but until then Dart and Haku are your backups still.

Please behave yourselves.

[and with that she reaches forward and clicks the feed off]
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[Rei isn't looking much better than she did the day before when she was sitting outside the shop moping. She's got a cigarette in her hand and appears to still be very tired. Add a scowl, and this is not a very happy Hawaiian.]

Tails is gone. He was datafrozen in the garage and when I came in this morning he was gone. His comm isn't registering anymore either...

[she sighs, taking a drag off her cigarette]

I need new mechanics. Experienced ones, or at the very least people who are capable of learning really quickly. Right now it's just Paulo and I here until my brother in law can come back to work or Rock gets unfrozen, and I really need more hands to help run the shop.

[she starts to say something more, but decides against it and shuts the comm off with a huff.]
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[Rain is coming down in buckets, and the wind is blowing enough that Rei isn't even bothering with an umbrella. She is in a rain poncho, though, bundled in layers underneath it. She's looking up at her house which has a little bit of damage to the roof already, but is otherwise okay.]

Damn... so glad I've weathered worse storms before... I think our house is gonna hold for now.

[she glances back at her comm, not really paying much attention to just how much water is falling off her poncho.]

Anyone in Axyori need any help? I really hope everyone is okay out there.
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[some one is eating. Very noisily. And is apparently unaware that their D-Comm has turned on to this somewhat embarrassing moment.]

Rei? ... Rei? ... Reiko!


... are you okay?

... fine. Why?

You've uh... w-well... I've... never seen some one as small as you put away so much food.

What? [mouth still full] I'm not eating any more than I usually do!

... Rei. Look at the table.


... that's a lot of wrappers.

Yes. It is.

... I ate all that?

Yes. You did.

... I'm still hungry.

There's no way-- ! Are you sure you're feeling okay?

I really... don't know...
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Hey! Allen!

[video clicks on to a view of a birthday cake on the office desk in the garage.]

Happy Birthday! I know you're not helping today, but you might want to come in and get this.

... and before you ask, no, I didn't make it. Haku made it.
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Miria was having a difficult time. Went to visit her. She's asleep on me, so I'll be home late.
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... okay. I knew this before, but it must not have registered but...

2010? Really?
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Something on your mind, Reiko?

The snow made me think I missed something...

Well it is Christmas.

I know that! Just... something else...

Something to do with Mitch?

No... no...


Christmas is the 25th. ... oh damn!

What?! What is it?!

... I forgot my own birthday. I'm twenty one now.

... [snicker, trying and failing to not laugh out loud] Oops. H-happy birthday and merry Christmas, Rei?

[grumble] Oh shut up...
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[The tail end of an explosion triggers Rei's d-comm]


[coughing] Naga, I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!

Damn right you're sorry! What, you don't have any witty retorts this time?! No way of insulting me for playing it slow?! OH SURE, I'VE GOT THE OUTFIT, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M AUTOMATICALLY OF ILL REPUTE!

I wasn't thinking! Please! I-I won't go near him-

[the comm suddenly goes static and clicks off]
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[The comm clicks on in the middle of some one gasping sharply, followed by a strangled cry.]


[Another cry, this one more like a scream, and several things go crashing, including what sounds suspiciously like a body hitting the floor from a height.]

... Rei... ? Y-you wouldn't wake up...

I... [Rei coughs, breathing harshly] n... nightmare...

... some nightmare. ... Rei... are you okay? You look... like you're gonna be sick or something.

[There's a long silence from Rei, but it's obvious she's trying to catch her breath, and eventually she hauls herself back on to her bed.]

Y-yeah... I'm okay... [another pause] My comm recorded that, I think...

O-oh... yeah, it looks like it did.

[sigh] That would figure... I'm uh... I'm gonna go for a walk, alright?

Without me?

I'm not going far. Promise.

[shuffling for a few minutes, and the comm is picked up somewhere along the way before a door opens and closes.]

[Locked to Ashton]

Um... Ashton... if this is a bad time, I'm sorry... but can I see you?
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You've been really quiet...

I know.

You feelin' okay?


Lyrics )

... well that one wasn't so bad. Hm.

I liked it!

You like everything I do.

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Rei... what are you doing out here?



*sigh* I wonder how they're doing...



Turn it off...


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I told you you had to eat some time...

*mutter* I forgot to get food before I tried to hide from this silly... virus thing. Really... singing and dancing like that. How ridiculous.

If you say so, Reiko dear~

*the sound of quiet, general cafeteria conversation gets a bit louder as Rei enters and goes to get some food. Apparently Rei doesn't even notice that she's started humming, and as is the case with this virus, humming breaks in to full on song.*

Oh beautiful LJ fail. (and lyrics.)

... HAH! I told you!

*Loudly, Rei practically shrieks something untranslated in Japanese and goes running back to her room before the comm cuts out*

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Alright, strange new world that I've found myself in.

Some one care to explain to me how, exactly, I some how missed an entire week? And why am I still in this blasted hospital bed?
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... -et me get this straight. Or... try to...

Be my guest...

You're from... 1917 Earth. London. And these people called Germans were dropping bombs on you?

On the country, yes.

Because they were... mad?

... I guess you can say that. I really don't know all the politics. They were the same ones that stopped me from finding my brother.

Oh... that's too bad... you never found him?

Nah. Trail went cold somewhere back in France. We went back to England to try and find him, but Mitch's dad got all snooty and whatnot about his sons hanging 'round a Hawaiian with 'no manners'. Had me go all proper and wear dresses and barely let me anywhere near a mechanic's garage. *sighs* And now I'm here... I still don't get all this, either.

I explained it to you!

You say that like it made sense to me! I-I don't even know what this weird thing is that's... got... a strange blinking light on it...

What? Let me see. ... oh. ... hehe... i-it's recording.

... what do you mean, recording? Like... like sound? It's recording my voice?!

Mine too! Well... good of a time as any to introduce yourself to the rest of the Digital World, Rei. ... Rei? What are you... Re- *CLANG! That would be the sound of Harugurumon getting thrown in to the wall*

Not even!

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Ooooh oh oh this is baaaaad. Bad bad bad! S-some one p-please come to Meria quick quick! My tamer, she's badly hurt! Very badly! Th-the tracking's on! I'll try to keep her talking but please, please hurry!

Hey hey, tamer. T-tell me your name!


P... please! Help is coming just tell me your name please please!

... R... Rei... Rei Hiyama... wh... where's Mitch... where's Mitchell?

I-I don't... I don't... know anyone named Mitch, honey. I'm sorry...


Rei... Rei?! Ohno ohno...!

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[Common Words/Phrases]

Reiko speaks mostly Engish and proper Hawai'ian, however she's also  versed in Japanese, a little bit of German, and the island dialect of
Pidgin. As the Digital World does not translate (and in her own world there wouldn't be automatic translation) for anything beyond the default language (English in this case) she's likely to confuse people when she throws these words and phrases around, so here is a cheat sheet!

Change of language will usually be depicted in italics.

For RP purposes she uses Hawai'ian most often. Pidgin will be used sometimes, and Japanese is most often used around her family, especially her children (in later years). German is unlikely to be used by her unless she's speaking to some one who is German or speaking to her husband or brother in law, though even the chances of that are slim as her skill in it is minimal and it's easier to use Japanese with them

German won't be listed here, but Hawai'ian, some Pidgin and some Japanese will be.

I lay no claims to accuracy with any of these. This is all just online research and what I can find without actually studying the languages at length.

If anyone sees anything that looks incorrect please let me know and I'll be happy to change it.

This will update as I work on it more.



'ae - Yes
'a'ole - No/Not
'A'ole loa - No way!
Aloha - usually "hello/goodbye" but lit. translation are words like love,

compassion, affection, ect
ali'i - cheif/cheifess (like "you got it, chief!")
'a'ole pilikia - no problem


e kala mai ia'u - excuse me

'eleu - lively or active
Eleu mai - Look alive!
E hele kakou - let's go!
E kala mai - "forgive me/excuse me"
E komo mai! - "welcome!"
E 'olu'olu mai - "would you please?"


Hamau - Silence/Silent
hea - where?
he aha ka mea hou - what's new?
heenalu - to surf
hele - go, move, walk
Hiamoe - sleep
ho'i i ka hiamoe - go to sleep (alt. moe moe)
hewa - mistake
hiki no - okay
hiwahiwa - precious
holoholo - to ride or walk around for fun (Reiko would say "go holoholo!")
honi - to kiss
ho'okano - arrogant, rude, or proud
Ho'olaule'a - festival


inoa - name


Ke akua - god (general god like "oh, my god", not a specific one)
kala - to forgive, pardon or let go
Kapulu - messy, sloppy
keia - this
kena - that (near the speaker)
ke 'olu'olu - please
keiki - child (usually offspring or descandant)
kupuna - grandparent
Kupono - honest, proper, appropriate


Ohana - Family
O wai kou inoa - what is your name?
'o ia mau no - the same as usual
'olu'olu - nice, pleasant, gracious, can also mean please
Olelo Hawaiyi - Hawaiian Language
opala - trash, rubbish, litter
opio - youth, youngers (commonly refering to teenagers)


No'u ka hewa - my mistake/my bad


pehea o' - how are you?


Ua - rain

-- Insults


-- Insults



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